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    Universal Gooseneck Microphone Base

  • Features
  • Specifications
* Quick mount die-cast base. 
* Magnetic On/Off switch permits minimum noise. 
* Special anti-slip pad ensures firm standing and less bounced noise from desk. 
* Selectable switch for all kinds of condenser and dynamic gooseneck microphones. 
* Equipped with battery compartment in case of absence of phantom power.
Net Weight: 820g
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Power Requirement: Phantom power 12-48V or battery power 9V
Current Consumption (Stand-by): 0.3mA
Current Consumption (Operating): 5mA(BAL) , 0.3mA(UNBAL)
Switches: Microphone selection: ECM MIC unbalanced input, ECM MIC balanced input, Dynamic MIC input Push control: on/off Function selection: push on/off, momentary on/off
Connector: unbalanced and balanced audio input (XLR 3P Female) unbalanced and balanced audio output (XLR 3P Male)