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    UHF Antenna Booster

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UB-900i is designed to compensate signal loss on long antenna cables or passive antenna splitter.

One UB-900i can compensate 10dB of cable attenuation which is about 20 meters of RG-58 cable.

This product is powered by power output from antenna distributor UA-960 or from receivers’ BNC connecter.

DC power supply is indicated by a red LED.

Up to two UB-900i can be cascaded.

Code: 81352
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 75 x 18.2 x 77 (Antenna + Rackmount kit excluded)
Net Weight: 136 Grams (Antenna & Rack Mount Kit Excluded)
Frequency Range: 494-870MHz
Power Supply: 8-12V, Max. 25mA/1 Unit