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Good music and great sound can make the world a better place, and that’s the JTS mission: to pursue the best in sound reproduction by continuously upgrading the quality of our technology.

To accomplish our mission we have dedicated ourselves to research and development – our audio experts are trained not only in the technology that goes into constructing a world-class microphone, but also the artistry that lays behind it. Within our factory meanwhile are the most advanced instruments and production tools in the world, all used to build what industry professionals tell us they need. Nor do we stop there – outside of JTS are dozens of professional sound engineers and musicians who test our prototypes and help us to perfect the designs.

They are happy to work with JTS because they know that from wireless systems to wired microphones, capsules to circuits, handhelds to headphones and even installed products, all JTS products are built in our own factory, to our own exacting standards. Boasting ISO-14001 certification, our production facilities are recognised as among the best in the world, meeting European RoHS regulations and remaining environmentally friendly – a key company goal.

Even better is that by building our products ourselves we can ensure that the highest quality and efficiency is achieved at the lowest possible cost. The result is that customers who buy JTS know they are purchasing a world-class product for a price that offers instant satisfaction.

That’s the JTS mission: to offer you the very best sound equipment available, for a price that’s irresistible.