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  • 01 Aug 2016
    JTS launches TC-22 replacement capsule for professional wireless systems

    JTS has announced the launch of the TC-22 replacement condenser capsule for professional wireless mic systems, offering an unbeatable combination of sound quality and price. Available in two models (one to fit JTS and Shure wireless systems, one to fit Sennheiser systems) the TC-22 offers an extremely wide dynamic range and very low touch noise, making it suitable for stage applications where the highest quality reproduction is required. Delivering a condenser microphone's characteristic crystal clear mid and high response, it is a notable improvement over dynamic equivalents. The TC-22 offers a frequency response of 50-18,000Hz and a sensitivity of -68±...

  • 11 May 2016
    JTS launches SGM-14 shotgun microphone

    FBT UK/JTS UK has announced the introduction of the new JTS SGM-14 'shotgun' microphone. Designed for ENG, outdoor recording and other specialised uses, the hypercardioid, electret-condenser SGM-14 provides the narrow acceptance angle required for these applications and comes with both low cut and pad facilities included. Its extreme directivity enables it to reject or cancel unwanted signals, making it ideal for long distance miking at sport venues, for front of stage use for picking up audience reaction and ambience and similar distance applications. A 78dB signal to noise ratio means the JTS SGM-14 keeps background noise at a very low level, while a full 20-20,000...

  • 01 Feb 2016
    JTS introduces US-36G2 wireless system

    FBT UK has announced the launch of the new JTS US-36G2, a replacement for three previous JTS systems - the US-901, US-9001 and US-1000 series. The US-36G2 is a second generation, true diversity wireless system based on the hugely successful US-901 system with completely revised circuitry and facilities to provide users with an affordable 36MHz professional grade wireless experience. Offering 1441 selectable channels and six preset groups each of up to 23 channels, with autoscan, the new system comes as three units - the US-36G2 single channel true diversity receiver, the  Mh-36G2 mic transmitter and an optional, newly designed, robust beltpack transmitter, th...

  • 01 Jan 2016
    JTS launches UF-20 wireless system

    FBT UK has announced the introduction of the new JTS UF-20 true diversity, dual channel wide band UHF professional wireless system, which boasts an operating range of 200-480 meters and a one-touch set-up facility,  REMOSET, which can set all parameters of the transmitter within an effective distance of 10 metres or more. Controllable via REMOSET are functions including Frequency Data, RF Power, Sensitivity, Low Cut, Key Lock and User name. Built to the usual rugged JTS quality standard, the UF-20 also features extremely low companding noise, cascadable power and antenna distribution and comes with an optional slide-in re-chargeable transmitter station. The t...

  • 01 Dec 2015
    JTS introduces the IN-164 wireless system

    FBT UK has announced the introduction of the affordable new JTS IN-164 diversity, wireless system, available in both Channel 38 (UK licensed) and Channel 70 (UK licence free) versions. The new IN-164 offers several innovative features, including the world's first remote control RF setting function which allows almost instantaneous automatic remote control frequency settings of the transmitter from the receiver, ensuring reliable use even in the most challenging situations. Built to the usual rugged JTS standard, the IN-164, is available in both handheld and beltpack versions, has a 200~480 meters operational distance and offers six pre-set groups, with a maximum of 23 ch...